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Chasing Modesty
Chasing Modesty

“If I could change the world I would help girls see that their worth is in God, not in culture.”

- Kendall Steinmetz, Founder of Chasing Modesty

Hi guys! I’m Kendall Steinmetz of Chasing Modesty. I’m a blogger and photographer who absolutely loves people, pasta, and gold foil everything. I have dreams of owning a company dedicated to creating modest clothing for young women. While God has that future in the works, He’s given me this outlet so I may inspire modesty now! Together, I hope we are able to redefine modesty, making it a staple in culture once again.

What is the mission behind Chasing Modesty?

Chasing Modesty is a faith-based, lifestyle blog inspiring women to redefine trends as they #DareToGoModest!

What is your key bible verse, either business or personal, and why?

My key Bible verse is Matthew 5:16, “In the same way let your light shine before others, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who in Heaven.”

On a personal level, this is my life verse because sin and temptation for me come in the form of perfectionism, comparison, and a lack of trust in God’s love for my brokenness. Instead of wallowing in hardship, God wants me to be a light to the world, shining through imperfection. On a business level, I need this verse as a constant reminder to defy the world in pursuit of Truth. As a modest style blogger, I can become discouraged as I watch immodest trends succeed. However, God brings this verse back into focus, helping me see that as Christians, we are called to be different. God’s got a plan for this little corner of the internet. A plan that, because of Him, will shine (light puns, ha!).

Chasing Modesty

What prompted you to create a faith-based business?

Two summers ago, a mentor of mine asked me how I would improve the world, daring me to think big. Even while pondering the problems of hunger and world peace, I simply couldn’t get “worth” out of my head.

I was smack-dab in the middle of my sophomore sassy phase, where schoolgirl crushes and rebellious fashion choices occurred on an endless loop. Little did I know God was using recent circumstances to spark a passion in me. I had found my answer.

“If I could change the world I would help girls see that their worth is in God, not in culture”. And then it made sense. I realized I wanted to change the world in that way but was doing diddly-squat to make it happen. I was amidst that time of life everyone and their mothers ask what I’ll be doing with my life. In contrast to my usual, “Um, I’m not quite sure yet”, I finally, I had something to tell them. Modest clothing! I’ll help girls dress modestly by providing them the tools to do so.

But wait. A problem.

God hasn’t put the “green light” on selling clothing yet. He keeps telling me to wait.

And although I hate waiting, this is me, being still; waiting. Waiting on God’s go ahead. However, God started putting things in my life that led to me to the idea of a style blog. I might not be at the time in my life to sell modest clothing like I want, but maybe I can talk about how I style to get started.

Voila! A style blog!

Although it has been a long, winding journey to get to what little place I’m at now, God keeps pushing me on, hour by hour, day by day to keep going. Here I am, one year in, still waiting on His yes to selling modest clothing, but growing in Him as I try and write for His glory.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration in leading women from my past mistakes. As a previous immodest teen myself, I want to help show that more skin does not equal higher value, as I once wrongly thought. Instead, I desire to show people just how rewarding modesty can be. Readers and followers reaching out to me, letting me know how God through me has helped them, is the biggest inspiration of all. My love language is Words of Affirmation and it seems God keeps giving me just the right boost of affirmation when I need it. Another mom or supporting young woman will unknowingly provide encouragement when I need it most - something I think only God can be doing through them. That’s the best inspiration.

How do you bring God’s Word into your business?

I refer to Scripture often, keeping my heart in the right place. Although God’s Word doesn’t include literal measurements on what’s modest, what’s not, and where the fine line is, He commands us to do everything in His name, to love and serve others as Jesus would, to not idolize anything, and so on. Until I receive God’s “green light” to sell clothing, my product is the style I put out for everyone to see! If people are looking to me to see how I style modestly, I need to be realigning my heart and actions with God’s Word constantly. And because I don’t have the specific modesty answers either, all I can do is keep referring to Scripture to ensure this gift of influence is done in His name, and His alone.

Chasing Modesty

What is the biggest lesson God has taught you through your business?

The biggest lesson God has taught me through this journey has been to redefine success to His standards. Nothing in this world will ever satisfy our hearts, but too often we are all tempted to chase money, success, fame, beauty, people, and whatever else before God. I fall into this trap daily. This blog hasn’t grown as fast as I thought it would. Our culture is filled with fast programs to lose 10 pounds in a snap, get rich quick, gain success in three steps and so on.

I wrongly joined the party, thinking that if I started this blog, I would be an instant hit. HA! Humility is a tough lesson to learn. I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be business-wise and I have to just keep remembering my purpose in starting, and my reason for continuing (to glorify God, not myself).

Being content in the journey only comes when I redefine success to God’s standards. It’s harder than it looks and it’s been such a difficult journey. But if God led me to start Chasing Modesty for the sole purpose of growing in this way, then surely I must consider it a success.

What encouragement can you share with our readers?

If you’re not doing it for God, don’t do it. I started this blog out of obedience to God. Or so I told myself. But a part of me also started this in hopes of “making it big” and whatnot (even though I didn’t admit it and still have trouble saying it now). Truly, align your intentions, heart, and actions with God’s Word. Constantly evaluate yourself to ensure you are doing everything for Him (no, but like really for God, not just saying you are like I was). God will lead you where you need to be. In everything you do, do it for the glory of God.

Any additional information you’d like to add?

I will be attending the University of Missouri, Columbia (gooo Tigers!! Hoorahhh!) this upcoming fall to study Entrepreneurship with a minor in Textiles + Apparel Management. If you’ve read through this story and want to collaborate, email me! I would love to work with your business (And if you happen to know how to start my modest clothing business, contact me asap and let’s chat, haha!).


Chasing Modesty


Chasing Modesty is a faith-based, lifestyle blog with the sole purpose in helping women delight in modesty again. Since starting in January 2016, Chasing Modesty has grown to include a variety of content, catering to readers alike while in pursuit of glorifying God.


See Kendall’s lifestyle blog here: thekendallapproach.com
Instagram: @chasing.modesty / Pinterest: KendallApproach

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