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Fashion x Faith
Fashion X Faith
Fashion x Faith

“Children love and see the world through God’s eyes. If we can keep our children focused on this love a little longer, we will honor Him!”

- Rita Richardson, Founder and Co-owner of Fashion X Faith

My name is Rita Richardson. I’m the founder and co-owner of Fashion X Faith, along with Jill Stoller. I wanted to create a fashion brand that celebrated and inspired young girls to share their faith through what they wear. I believe that everything we wear (all of us!) says something about us and creating comfortable attractive clothes that are trend-right AND have their focus grounded in Christian love, faith, and hope.

What is the mission behind Fashion X Faith?

Fashion X Faith started with a mission to combine cute trend-right fashions with a message that was inspired by Christian love, faith, and hope: Wear what you believe. We believe that our fashions, multiplied by faith equals apparel that is trend-right with a heart that is focused on faith, love and hope.

Fashion X Faith = confidence, fearless, style, brave, hope. 

Fashion x Faith

What is your key bible verse, either business or personal, and why?

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrew 13:2

Our original name, Angels Unawear (we took a little liberty on the spelling) comes from this verse. It’s always struck me that if we approached everyone we meet as a "potential angel" we would behave quite differently and the world would be so much brighter. Children naturally do this. They don’t see the differences that the world uses to divide us. Children love and see the world through God’s eyes. If we can keep our children focused on this love a little longer, we will honor Him!

What prompted you to create a faith-based business?

I’ve spent my life in apparel - my whole career has been devoted to kids fashion. Mostly my designs ended up through others’ prisms and my vision was for the others’ goals (I worked with big box retailers - mostly in product development). In 2016, I wanted to get back to my "first love" and the joy that salvation brought to me. Inspiring kids to share their faith through fashion is my gift - it’s what I know and believe the world could use more of!

Fashion x Faith

Where do you find your inspiration?

We look at what’s trending and fashionable for girls and moms! We want to be with the trends but with a "trust" from heaven!

How do you bring God’s Word into your products?

Through our graphics and our fabrics, that are modest and high quality. Value is important and we believe it’s a whole package.

Fashion x Faith

What is the biggest lesson God has taught you through your business?

Patience and believing in His direction. Once anyone decides to start a business, there is a deluge of doubt… a million reasons it won’t work! But God is so much bigger than that. Sometimes He shows us all the ways it’s impossible just to show us how easy it is for Him to make it not only possible, but AMAZING!

What encouragement can you share with our readers?

Stay the course. Believe He has set you on this path. If the path leads you in a direction you weren’t expecting, but you hear His voice - follow - God will always lead us to our purpose.

Fashion x Faith

Fashion X Faith, founded June 30, 2017, by Rita Richardson and co-owner Jill Stoller, is an American made girls apparel company. Rita and Jill design, create artwork, pick fabrics, design trims - every part of the product is followed and created by them! Fashion X Faith also supports giving back and proudly partnerships with Feed the Children!

Fashion X Faith is generously offering you 20% off your order! Use code: FASHIONXFAITH20

Visit Fashion x Faith website here: www.fashionxfaith.com
Instagram: @fashionxfaithapparel

Fashion x Faith Founders

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The master was full of praise:

“Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been
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Matthew 25:21

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