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Intentional Planner®, 100 Days Insert Pack

Intentional Planner®, 100 Days Insert Pack

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Intentional Planner®, 100 Days Insert Pack

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Inspired by Lucy's "Write the Vision" worksheet, this 100 Days Intentional Planner is for you if you want to focus on one big dream.

Why 100 Days? It’s been said that it takes about three months to make or break a habit. Add intention to these new rituals and your life can look significantly different in three months time, unrecognizable even!

Carry it with you everywhere and have inspiring scripture verses at your fingertips. The Intentional Planner, 100 Days Edition is undated, with one day per 2-page spread. Ideal for flexible scheduling and lightweight portability. 

The Intentional Planner is a powerful tool that will help you apply God’s Word to your daily agenda. We believe you were created for something extraordinary and our mission is to ignite your purpose through the channel of God’s Word. Read the Intentional Planner story here!


    • Thick, 100gms, bright white paper
        • Daily undated
        • Daily sections include: schedule, to-do, prayer journal, and intentions
        • One day per 2 pages
        • ½ hourly schedule from 6am to 8:30pm
        • Extra notes section
        Special Features
        • Encouraging Bible verses throughout
        • Standard A5 paper 5.8 x 8.3 inches

        We are thrilled to see how God moves through each one of you who are inspired to begin your journey. Please share your story so that we can pray for you and cheer you on! Tag your posts @lucycelebrates & #theintentionalplanner.

        Praise for the Original IP

        I am absolutely thrilled! I truly have been seeking a tool to guide me...make me feel accountable to our Lord and bring me closer. Thanks Lucy for creating this beautiful #theintentionalplanner!

        Lucy is fabulous to work with. Quick turnaround, friendly and caring and a great product!!! I purchased the intentional planner printable and am loving it and using it every day. It has helped me focus so much. Order this planner...you will love it! Thanks again Lucy!

        I started using the planner as soon as it arrived and it already is bringing focus and inspiration to my day! Thank you, Lucy! the format and layout are absolutely perfect!

        Beautiful design and packaging!! I'm so excited to give these as gifts and I love using the planner myself. Thanks so much!

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