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The past couple of years have led me on a journey of discovering my own story and, ultimately, of being inspired to celebrate it in hopes of inspiring you to celebrate your own.

Hello, friend! It’s so nice to meet you!

I am a lover of Jesus and His Word, wife to Erik, and momma to Capri. I believe everyone is uniquely designed with a purpose and, with enlightened passion, can become unstoppable. I am a creative with love for dance, yoga, organic food and natural products. Along with being the owner and creative director of Lucy Celebrates, I am also the founder and president of LUM Movement, a dance and yoga ministry.

My life truly changed when I became a mom in 2010. As I looked into my child’s eyes, I began to understand the depth of our Father’s love and discovered myself through His lens. He opened my eyes to His Word and planted understanding in my heart. He has made all things new. I am saved by His grace and have found my true passion in life: to show others that through God all things are possible.

Because of this newfound light, I have committed myself to fearlessly chase what He puts on my heart. Our God knows the depth of our souls, and He knows our purpose because He designed us for it. The more you grow closer to Him and begin to act on His whispers, the more you will find yourself. And that is a beautiful thing: to discover your true self as seen by God. No one sees you as more wonderfully complete and whole than He does.

And so, my mission across all platforms is to spread God’s truth, provide tools for connection, and live my part in God’s plan, waking each morning with expectancy to witness Him move mountains. 

I can’t wait to see
what mountain He moves through you!