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Gratitude Journal & Devotional for Kids

Gratitude Journal & Devotional for Kids

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Gratitude Journal & Devotional for Kids

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featuring Gratitude Journal & Devotional for Kids by Jessica Lewis of Gratitude Gives Life

a journal that will help build successful habits for your kids

This gratitude journal & devotional for kids is the first of its kind to combine daily gratitude, bible verses, and prayer. It is perfect for kids 7+ to complete on their own within minutes.

When your child goes through this journal, they will:

  • Expand their ability to be thankful
  • Build the lifelong successful habits of journaling & prayer
  • Appreciate things they once took for granted
  • Learn biblical truths
  • Understand more of who God is
  • Appreciate their uniqueness and gifts
  • See God in all parts of life
  • Learn how to become a disciplined disciple of God

Producing radical changes by setting aside three minutes a day.

Each day has a new prompt with a specific area for your child to be grateful for. This will increase their ability to be grateful for everything around them, including prompts about nature, school, family, God, themselves, and more.

Bible Verses
God tells us to build our house on a solid foundation and that solid foundation is him. Your child will get bite-size scriptures to read and interpret daily.

Each day comes with a short and simple prayer to get them in the right mindset. They are then prompted to come up with their own prayer. Through this, they will learn to share their joys, sadness, fears and needs with God.

God's Truth
Through scripture, your child will begin to understand God's heart. They will have a deeper understanding of God's love, God's belief about who they are, and how to live out God's commands.

The Power of Prayer
Prayers will become more intentional and specific, not a chore to check off. Their prayers will begin to transform into deep needs and desires that they previously didn't express.

Interpreting Scripture
Each day has a section for them to write out what they understood about the verse of the day. It will allow them to stop and think through scripture in different ways.

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